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A facilitator facilitates processes.

Processes of learning, change, empowerment, transformation, and especially growth. My first steps in the world of facilitating were during high school, when I organized and facilitated Model United Nations conferences. High school students gathered to simulate the United Nations for a weekend. They learned to reason from another country’s erspective, thus fostering creativity and empathy. It was the start of lifelong passion for me.

Then meditation, Taiji, and Qi Gong came into my life. With the help of these arts, I gradually learned to balance my analytical, always busy, philosophizing mind through a
combination of mental and physical practices. A combination I can really use when working with processes.


As the years went by,

          during my academic studies in Philosophy I encountered men’s work and men’s circles. Years ago I joined a men’s circle. Being together with men on a basis of equality was what characterized these circles. A joint openness and willingness to discover unknown aspects of ourselves, unified these men. I learned a tremendous amount during these circles and it radically changed my life for the better. This inspired me to facilitate my own men’s circles and a Men’s Retreat in Ibiza.

You recognize high quality facilitation by two key ingredients: clarity and simplicity. The task of a facilitator is to create a safe, trusted, and open context in which connection, learning, and growth can take place. The content of facilitation can range from leadership
training and coaching to developing awareness and cooperation.

In my facilitation I use tools from different sources in my own unique way. I am not characterized by one toolbox. I use techniques which enable me to work “out of the box”
with my participants. I prefer to work like there is no box.


My style of facilitation is

          characterized by sharpness, humour, depth, and a “no bullshit”
approach. I aim to go right to the essence of an issue, and seeing through the stories we all tell ourselves. I follow my intuition in the practices and interventions I apply.

When it comes to development, our whole being is involved. All qualities of perception, sensing, intuiting, and thinking are working together to facilitate a process for the best possible result for an individual or group.

What fulfills me in my work as a facilitator, are the change, the relaxation, and the results I see in the people I work with. Seeing people regain their motivation, change their perspective, experiencing a new burst of energy make it worth it.

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