About me

A Little about me

I am a citizen of the world, currently based on the beautiful island of Ibiza, together with my beloved. Trained as a philosopher, now applying the lessons I learned in the real world. I am passionate about the development of our human potential.


my Work

My work as a facilitator, writer and researcher is always centered around the same goal: empowerment of individuals and groups. I believe the experience of being in the driver’s seat of your life is crucial to fulfillment and thriving. I facilitate processes in the area of communication, connection, personal and professional development, and leadership. In my passion for development and self-realization, I keep nourishing myself with new knowledge and wisdom. The most valuable insights form the ingredients of the services I provide to facilitate developmental processes for others. Some areas of specialization are: millenials, masculinity and the intersection of technology and psychology.


When I am not working, you can find me outdoors in the beautiful nature of Ibiza, enjoying the sea, a walk, great food, and the company of my beloved and close friends. I feel privileged to live on this beautiful piece of land. I am a practitioner of Chi Kung and other Daoist internal arts.


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