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Communicating Clearly

More than 8 years of experience as a writer, researcher and journalist. Background in philosophy and entrepreneurship. Creative and clear writing for business, marketing, personal growth and professional development.

Real Life Results

Authenticity, simplicity and clarity characterize my approach to facilitation and coaching. Facilitating empowerment and real life results. Areas of specialization: millennials, men, teams and organizations.

Creating Real Connection

Get to the core of your entrepreneurial identity quickly and effortlessly. It will create a real and sustainable connections to your clients and team members.



The intersection between modern technology, philosophy and psychology has remained one of my main themes of interest over the past 8 years. The theme fascinates me, because of its ubiquitous presence and enormous influence in our lives in this tech world. 



A facilitator facilitates processes. Processes of learning, change, empowerment, transformation, and especially growth. My first steps in the world of facilitating were during high school, when I organized and facilitated Model United Nations conferences.


When it comes to development, our whole being is involved. All qualities of perception, sensing, intuiting, and thinking are working together to facilitate a process for the best possible result for an individual or group.

A few words about me

My work as a facilitator, writer and researcher is always centered around the same goal: empowerment of individuals and groups. I believe the experience of being in the driver’s seat of your life is crucial to fulfillment and thriving. I facilitate processes in the area of communication, connection, personal and professional development, and leadership. In my passion for development and self-realization, I keep nourishing myself with new knowledge and wisdom. The most valuable insights form the ingredients of the services I provide to facilitate developmental processes for others. Some areas of specialization are: millenials, masculinity and the intersection of technology and psychology. 

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